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PUMF | Praimfaya Fest #1 (opening edition)

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PUMF | Praimfaya Fest #1 (opening edition)
PUMF | Praimfaya Fest #1 (opening edition)

Tijd en Locatie

07 mei 2022, 19:00

JH SOJO, Eénmeilaan 35, 3010 Leuven, Belgium

Over het evenement

Reprobates from all around unite for yet another cataclysmic event. Praimfaya has arrived and is ready to present you with an evening of turmoil.




This band, a blend of Leuven and Lummen's finest, will kick off this evening by serving you with a mix of antifascist post-metal and environmentally conscious doom.

Brace yourselves for some slow sludgy riffs, frantic screeching guitars, melancholic harmonies and dissonant droning. A reflection of a world in decay.

You might have seen them before at: Rock Herk, JH SOJO, Den Drummer, WERF, and DOOMFARMFEST.

Give them a listen on Spotify:



Simplicity, patience and pacing colliding with power, density and

unrelenting volume.

Belgium based Turpentine Valley reduces its post-metal to purity, ‘etching’ it to the soul of anyone open to it. No words, massive sound. Hitting it hard. Layered guitars. Growling bass. Allowing music to tell its story: slow, intense, hard and relentless. Although its members already play together for more than half a lifetime, Turpentine Valley still could be called a rather young band, only seeing the light in 2016. Releasing its debut album ‘Etch’ through Dunk!records on November 1 st 2019 was the next step in spreading its instrumental post-metal ever since. Three songs from that record, "Vergeten", "Trauma", "Abrupt", can be

heard in the soundtrack of the Netflix crime drama "The Twelve". On 25 February 2022, Dunk!Records releases successor "ALDER" on 12” vinyl in Europe, A Thousand Arms Records releases the album in the US on vinyl and CD, and Ripcord Records takes care of the UK-release of this album on tape. On this new album, the band explores the dark boundaries of the instrumental post-metal genre even more explicitly, without compromising on melody and intensity.

You might have seen them before at: Dunk!festival, ART Vortn Vis, ELPEE Live Music Club, La Zone, Kavka Oudaan, Muziekcentrum Kinky Star, Asgaard Gentbrugge and De Verlichte Geest.

Give them a listen on Spotify:



Mother. A counsellor, consoler and companion. A deceiver, traitor and narcissist.

Mother is a collection of tales in which a mother figure leads a protagonist through several junctures. She is the embodiment of help and comfort, likewise of self interest and centrism. These stories are being expressed by three musicians in a genre that reflects the severity of the matter.

Mother is a Belgian post-blackgaze band from Ostend. Founded at the end of 2017 they started writing a first album where songs fade into one continuous story. An intense journey in which fragile melodies are being alternated with heavy guitars and drums smashing back and forth until they intertwine into an enormous soundscape. The journey they create is a complete experience, musically as well as visually. Like their hometown’s North Sea there is a constant ebb and flow of sludge-soaked noise, with terrifying roars tearing through frenzied and impactful guitarwork. Mother is no-nonsense. Hard, intense, emotional yet unforgiving. After releasing their debut album I in 2020, Mother joined Consouling Sounds for their next releases.

You might have seen them before at: Trix, Muziekclub 4AD, Darken the Moon, Muziekclub De Zwerver, L'Entrepôt À Arlon, No Name Collective , Sound Track, Muziekcentrum Kinky Star, PLECTRUM festival, The Underworld Camden and Rocking bull Concern.

Give them a listen on Spotify:



The infamous Wouter Veeckmans notable for his weekly radio show (Kardinaal Kannibaal) on Radio Scorpio (106 FM) will be taking care of the afterparty with some good old tunes. Feel free to request some songs but do offer the poor guy a couple of beers (or Duvel) in return. No beer, no party.


JH Sojo (the venue) and PUMF (the organization) ask you to act responsibly and with respect for all mankind before, during and after the event. The possesion and use of drugs is strictly prohibited. We also advise you to leave your dogs (and other pets) at home.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with electronic payments options such as Bancontact and Payconiq. However, there is an ATM available within a 150m walking distance from the venue (Baron August de Becker Remyplein). Do withdraw sufficient funds beforehand.

Free earplugs will be available at the entrance.

Free entrance from midnight (afterparty).

Tickets will become available via Eventbrite on March 27 (Sunday) at 1 PM. Price equals €8,50/p.p. (excl. service cost).


This event is made possible by MIJNLeuven & Sojo vzw.

Deel het met je vrienden!

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