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Jeugdhuis Sojo

Triptonus, Baron Crâne, Wheel of Smoke

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Triptonus, Baron Crâne, Wheel of Smoke
Triptonus, Baron Crâne, Wheel of Smoke

Tijd en Locatie

Het tijdstip wordt later bepaald

Jeugdhuis Sojo, Eenmeilaan 35, 3010 Kessel-Lo, 3010 Leuven, België

Over het evenement


 - Triptonus- (At) They are is a 6 piece, instrumental collective hailing from Vienna, Austria. Having strong roots within heavy distorted music and old school psychedelia, they combine all kinds of musical influences ranging from jazz to trip hop to african percussion into progressive song structures: A distorted big bang, throwing the listener into the deep void of his own associations. One of the groups most peculiar traits is their focus on rhythm: Alongside a drum kit, Triptonus songs also contain an electronic wave drum and an African djembe, thus enabling the band to incorporate rhythmic influences from the western African, Arabian or Indian culture as well as to create deep and hypnotic rhythmic structures.

- Baron Crâne - (Fr) Baron Crane is a group gathered around a common desire: That of sound exploration around singular music. This power trio builds powerful music in captivating instrumental narrations. Resolutely rock in style, the group details in it's compositions it's multiple influences without restraint or complex. From jazz or psychedelic music, to dub or stoner, the instrumental stories of the Baron Crâne are declined behind a vast palette of colors and textures. After having long defended its live show in 2019 with more than 30 concerts on the roads of France, Belgium and Holland, the group is preparing to release its next album in 2020. Published in two parts, this album will be accompanied by several clips, and a new live show!

- Wheel of Smoke - (Be) Our well known local friends of wheel of smoke released their latest record on Polderrecords a few months ago, and what a record! Come check it out live at sojo!  

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